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Wire Condenser Welding Machines

Wire Condenser Welding Machines
Technical Data

Wire Condenser Welding Machines

Salient Features:

High Speed of Operation:
Specially designed three head design offers very high speeds of operation.

Lower Current demand:
Three heads operate sequentially covering the complete width of condenser. As a net result of which the number of wires getting welded at any point of time are 1/3rd the normal projection welding machine & thus electrical load is much lower

Accuracy of Set down:
Welding Heads are specially designed to operate with controlled stroke which helps in getting the desired set down with out damaging the tube and at the same time offers consistent weld quality.

Uniform Welding Quality:
Force & stoke settable welding heads along with uniform distribution of secondary current gives distribution of Current, pressure & thus consistent weld quality.

Lesser consumption of Electrodes:
Design & shape of electrodes is such that maintaining uniform gap between electrodes becomes easy. And thus re machining of electrodes is drastically reduced , which results in higher life.

Lower maintenance:
All the parts of machine are easily accessible & are designed for long life. As a net result of which maintenance& replacement are down to minimum.

Operation & sequence:
Fixture provided with machine for a particular design of wire condenser, helps user to locate tube & wires accurately & quickly in position. Light weight design of fixture along with well designed guiding system allows operator to index the fixture manually through the machine line by line with out much effort during operation of machine. After every indexing , three welding heads weld one line in a sequential manner resulting in high quality & consistent weld. After every weld cycle operator can index fixture manually to next weld line. In this way complete wire condenser will get welded in shortest possible time.

Machine control:
The machine is controlled by a PLC which gives optimized time for each weld, thus improving the speed of the machine, and providing easy diagnostic facility for the machine.

The welding is controlled through mechelonic enginerrs make 400 series microprocessor based welding controller with constant current facility thus providing consistent welding quality. The controller has a in built facility for line voltage compensation for fluctuating line voltage


Note :: Machine is normally provided with three welding heads & one 75 KVA transformers, If any particular requirement for 4 welding heads & more than one welding transformers is felt the same can be given. Also as a standerd single phase AC transformer is give, but un option of 3 phase DC transformer is also available.