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Handle & Car Lug Welders

Handle & Car Lug Welders
Technical Data

Handle & Car Lug Welders

Application Machine Model:

Ear lugs of paint can -- 15-02
Wire handle (chapdi) on can top (upto 5 kg.) -- 15-02
Handle on 5 ltr. rectangular can (one side at a time)-- 15-02
Wire handle (chapdi) on 15 kg. Container -- 15-03
Handles on 5 Kg. rectangular container -- 15-03-01


These machines are fully tooled up for specific jobs, for obtaining high-speed production, easy handling, consistent weld quality and cost saving. For applications such as Ear lugs welding, chapdi welding (upto 5 kg.), 5 ltr. rectangular can handle welding (1 side at a time) the basic machine employed is 15-02, 20 KVA capacity and independent tooling could be supplied for each job. For welding chapdi on 15 kg. rectangular can, the machine model 15-03, 30 KVA capacity with special fixture is recommended.

A 30 KVA machine with dual head is recommended for welding handle on 5 litre rectangular can.


Air operated stationary press type Spot/Projection welders with pneumatic cylinder mounted directly on the upper arm.

Robust construction, streamlined appearance with maximum resistance to deflection. Transformer enclosed in the main frame and pneumatic accessories mounted on the side of the machine and upper and lower arms mounted directly on to the body. Operating control station mounted on the machine clearly visible and within easy reach of the operator.

Welding Transformer:
Transformer conforms to IS:4804 Part-I and RWMA Standards, water cooled, class 'F' insulation with thermoswitch protection for overloading.

Current Control:
Welding current adjustable from 50 to 100% by means of a tap switch.

Cooling System:

Transformer, Electrode holders, welding electrodes and thyristors are water cooled.

Electrodes/Dies Toolings:

Machine can be provided with custom-designed spot welding electrodes / projection welding dies to suit the individual application, and suitable jigs and fixtures for holding, guiding and indexing of the work-piece as required at extra cost.


Electrode Control System:
The upper electrode actuated by a heavy duty 2-way cushioned pneumatic cylinder controlled by an electrically operated 4-way solenoid valve. Compressed air at 1.5 Kg/cm2 - 5.6 kg/cm2 (20 to 80 psi) acting on the pneumatic cylinder provides electrode force.

Machine provided with air filter, air lubricator, air pressure regulating valve, air pressure gauge.

Adjustment of Electrode Force :

By air pressure regulating valve provided on the machine.

Adjustment of Electrode Stroke:

By vertical adjustment of lower arm / platen.

Weld Initiation:

By means of operator's foot-switch connected to low voltage safe initiating circuit.



Control model ME-201, C MOS integrated circuits based. Fully synchronous weld parameter is incorporated with the machine. The timers, slope control, heat control and control station are housed in a 19" Euro chassis with plug-in cards mounted on the side of the machine. The total box can be disconnected by removing a single plug.


Squeeze, weld, hold and off time of 1-99 cycles +/- zero cycle in steps of 1 cycle to provide accurate timings.

Heat Control:

The phase shift firing of thyristors enables smooth and continues adjustment of welding current from 10 to 100%.

Slope Control:

Facility of "Soft Start" and gradually rise of current during initial period of 1 to 9 cycles is provided and is adjustable in steps of 1 cycle.

Power Thyristor Switch Assembly:

A pair of water cooled Power Thyristors of adequate rating with thermoswitch and surge protection devices are housed inside the frame of the machine.


LED indicators provided in the front panel displays the operation sequence and also helps quick and easy location of faults.


Technical Data