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Weld Data Recorder (Rail Welding Line)

Weld Data Recorder (Rail Welding Line)

Weld Data Recorder (Rail Welding Line)

1. Weld Recorder Data-Logger
● The recording system is a computer based data acquisition system. It is specifically designed to record the entire weld process in detail for complete weld process analysis. The data logger will have a minimum capacity to store 4000 weld’s data for retrieval and study. A set of key parameters for permanent hard copy is fed to the printer as illustrated in the sample attached.

● The hardware consists of a signal processing unit, a processor unit (PC type) with Hard memory, disk drive, floppy disk a video display unit and keyboard. The second remote monitoring unit will consist of a basic computer with 80-column dot matrix printer.

● The weld parameters sensed and operated upon by the machine control are communicated to the recorder through a suitable communication port. All these signals are recorded in coded form in the non-volatile memory in the recorder for further retrieval, if desired.

2. System Software
● The parametric data stored may be retrieved and viewed on the video monitor in graphical form with the Y-axis showing the parameter of interest and the X-axis being time. This pictorial representation of how the weld has progressed will help in the analysis of the dynamics of the process.

● The data of interest to the operator and for record purpose will be as presented in the proposed sample in digital form. The parameters out of tolerance will be highlighted in addition to a suitable remark.

● The remote monitoring unit may be located up to 100 mtrs from the main unit and data transfer between the units will be done through a suitable interface.

● The recorder has a facility to give an audiovisual alarm and highlight the parameters that have deviated from the present tolerance limits in the printout. A proposed sample print out is enclosed.

Main Features:
The equipment will consist of the following,

Signal Conditioner Unit :In this unit the different parameters like welding current, line voltage, clamp pressure, butting pressure and distance signals got from the respective transducers will be converted to a suitable signal for connection to the data logger.

Data Logger :The data logger consist of a Pentium III based CPU with a SVGA video display unit for visual display for all signals recorded, a hard disk drive for storage of weld data recorded, and keyboard for entering operator relevant data. The unit will have a suitable port for transfer of data to a remote monitoring unit at a distant location.

Remote Monitoring Unit: The remote monitoring unit consists of a Computer with a suitable port for communication with the weld data logger for analysis of the weld data. It will also have a parallel port for connection of the printer and two serial ports.