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Solidification Machine

Solidification Machine
Technical Data

Solidification Machine

To heat and solidify copper flexible link manufactured from bunch/stack of copper-foils, used in Electrical and Chemical Industries.


Machine Type :
It is a 3 D. C. Machine. The advantage of this system is low working cost in terms of improved power factor, which can be of the order of 0.9. In addition to this it gives balance load in each phase. Also due to D.C. impendence of secondary circuit dose not come in picture, thus the voltage drop in the system comes down resulting in lower KVA of machine for the same application as compared to single phase A. C. Machine.

The machine is sturdy, all welded steel plate fabrication, and suitably welded and stiffened at points of stress to minimise deflection. The transformer and D.C. Rectifier assembly fitted inside of the body. The pneumatic cylinder mounted on the right hand side to give horizontal movement of the ram guide through precision slides with graphite heating / forging electrodes with water-pump to cool un-heated portions. All internal parts are easily accessible.

Transformer Rectifier Set :
Transformer of a special type conforming to international standards applicable to this class of Transformers. Water cooled, having core of high grade electrical steel, primary and secondary coils of Electrolytic copper of ample section, heavy duty class 'F' insulated and impregnated, suitable for with-standing continuously a temperature of 155°C deg.

The direct current rectifier system consists of high power silicon rectifier to rectify the alternating current available on the secondary of transformer to direct current. It has large number of basic rectifier pellets connected in between the secondary of transformer and the output bus-bars. These pallets are clamped in specially designed clamping system which ensures the correct amount of clamping pressure and uniform contact. Suitable water cooling system designed into these clamps ensures efficient cooling of rectifier elements.

Current Control By Transformer Taps:
Transformer primary coils provide with taps brought out to tap change links for adjustment of current in steps from 55-100% Tap change links enclosed inside the transformer cabinet..

Heat Initiation :
By means of operator's foot switch connected to low voltage safe initiating switch, which operates the main Electro-magnetic contractor.

Electrode Control System:
One of the two electrodes actuated via a quick follow up mechanism by a heavy duty 2 way pneumatic cylinder, controlled by an electrically operated solenoid air valve. Compressed air at 2-6 KSC acting on the pneumatic cylinder provides the necessary electrode force.

Machine is provide with air filter, air lubricator, air pressure regulating valve, pressure gauge, and all internal air connections.

Adjustment of Electrode Force:

By air pressure regulating valve provided on the machine.

Adjustment of Electrode Stroke:

By horizontal adjustment of the stationary electrode.

Constructed from high quality copper alloy accurately machined having T-slots to international / IS standards.

Machine will be provided with custom designed one set of graphite electrodes to suit one type of the job. Additional sets of electrodes shall be supplied request at extra cost.

Operation :
Copper foils are wound over a mandrel and then one end pressed to make the stracked assembly.

Copper foils these conditions are fed to the machine. The portion to be forged (generally ends) is held on fixed electrode and clamp foot switch is initiated. RHS moving electrode clamps the flexible link under pressure with other end dipped in water-pump. Current switch is initiated. The main magnetic contractor gets ON and transformer is energised. Graphite electrodes start heating to cherry red colour and heat gets conducted to the interior of links and raise temp. of on-off current foot switch operation. These pulses provide a constant heat flow from electrodes into the flexible link.


During the operation whatever heat is conducted to other areas of flexible link is drained off by continuous flow water in tank by this allowing to avoid annealing of copper foils. When fully forged force to continue till graphite electrode colour comes to normal black. Release the clamp and link will fall in water-sump permitting it to be cooled.

Safety Provision:
Thermoswitch on transformer.

Cooling System:
Transformer, Platters, Electrode Holders are cooled, Internal water cooling piping for each circuit is provided with machine. The work piece also to be water cooled externally. A water tank (GI) is provided with machine for external cooling of flexible link. All circuits terminate into a sight tank provided. Customer to provide cooling water supply of recommended flow rate free from residue forming impurities and it temperature of less than 30.

Electro -Magnetic Contractor:

Machine provide with electro-magnetic heavy duty contractor for switching on/off of main transformer.