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Micro Head Welders

Portable integral Spot Welding Guns / Welders
Technical Data :
Portable integral Spot Welding Guns / Welders

Micro Head Welders


High performance weld heads built for durability:

Low inertia, fast follow-up designs
Improve weld consistency, reduce metal expulsion, and improve weld appearance

Adjustable force firing
Permits high quality welding since welding force is independent of electrode stroke length


Pneumatic or manual actuation
Configurable according to requirements


Rugged industrial design
Improves productivity, minimizes repair costs and ensures long.
All are precision, low inertia, force-fired designs, with a narrow vertical profile. They are ideal for both production line and bench applications and can operate at very high speeds

Precision Control
Thin design of the Weld Heads add consistency and control to complex welding applications.

Their low inertia designs ensure the fast dynamic response required for the electrodes to follow the minute expansion and contraction of the weld joint as it heats and cools.

differential motion force-firing system initiates the welding control at the precise moment when the pre-set electrode force is applied to the work pieces.