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Stretch Former

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Technical Data

Stretch former

Mechelonic make Stretch Forming Machine is used for making 18 Litres square containers from circular seam welded containers, with the additional functions of making forming, side-stiffening, panelling vertical ribs.


The machine basically consists of two parts -

The die and forming device
The hydraulic power pack to operate the die

The Die :
The die consists of an expanding mandrel operated by two built in hydraulic cylinders which forms circular can into the square form.

This expanding mandrel has male projections for the purpose of panelling (ribbing) on its four sides. Machine is also fitted with four slides surrounding the expanding mandrel, which carry matching female grooves. These slides are hydraulically operated by four hydraulic cylinders.

After the can is expanded into a square form, all the four slides come forward and press on the mandrel from all four sides giving panelling / ribbing on all four sides.

Monogram / symbol embossing can also be combined with this operation (at extra cost).

The Power Pack:
The power pack consists of a Hydraulic Pump driven by a totally closed induction motor. The pump is capable of developing a pressure of 150 kg/cm.sq. The pack is designed taking into account all hydraulic and service requirements.

The entire system is of robust construction made from high quality material.

Important Note:

Assume dimensions measured from bottom sample is A x A x R radius of corner.
Dimension of our die will be B±0.1 x B±0.1 x r±0.1 where,
B = A + 0.5
r = R - 0.5
Diagonal of die will be d = { Sqrt(2 [(B-2r)]) + 2r}±0.1

Our die will be made based totally on above calculations.

Customer should thus give us either, (a) dimension of die as he finds acceptable and we will make die as per those dimensions OR (b) should approve dimensions calculated as per our above calculations.

Our risk will be limited to making a die as per point (a) or (b) only. Mechelonic does not stand responsible for matching can made on our die with top and bottom for seaming without leak.