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Conical Expander

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Technical Data

Conical Expander

The machine is used for forming conical shape bodies out of cylindrical form welded bodies. This machine essentially consists of an expanding mandrel which when expanded hydraulically gives the desired conical shape to body.

The round welded body is fed into the mandrel while mandrel is in closed position and on expanding the body takes final desired shape determined by the die. After stretching the mandrel comes back to close from thereby releasing the conical body.



The machine is self contained with a hydraulic power pack, hydraulic and electrical control elements, oil tank etc. with streaching tool. Pressure gauge and flow control valve facilitate setting of correct hydraulic pressure and speed of expansion.

The machine is of compact design and will occupy minimum of space. The operator can sit and operate the machine with both hands free for loading and unloading.


Hydraulic Power Pack And Control:
The hydraulic power pack is built into the frame of machine and is powered by a 3 phase, 50 Hz., A.C. motor. The pump is capable of developing upto 140 kg/cm2 pressure (2000 PSI). The circuit is designed to deliver oil directly into the tank when idle thereby reducing the heat build up. The pressure regulator can provide line pressure of 20 to 140 kg/cm2. Built in air breather filler and intake filter ensure trouble free functioning of the system.

Forming Die:
Forming die of a particular size according to customers' specification can be made which can be mounted on a bracket built on the hydraulic power pack. Machine is provided with a facility to adjust the total stroke of cylinder and there by some variation can be obtained in the conical body diameter.