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Grating Welding Machines

Grating Welding Machines
Technical Data

Grating Welding Machines

Mechelonic Engineers’ Steel Grating Welding machines has been specially designed for the manufacture of steel gratings by electrical resistance welding.

The application on high current and high forging pressure under precise control of a special welding controller and a PLC based sequence controller results in high quality electro forged weld joints that meet the highest standards. the machine can be used for the manufacture of world class gratings using round., square or twisted cross bars.

The machine operation does not require any skilled labour. Apart from the loading of the cross and bearing bars, the machine is completely automatic. The machine comprises of hydraulically operated weld press with cross bar guides and a chain conveyor system. The welding transformers and the secondary systems are designed to ensure high efficiency. The welding parameters are easily settable through a user friendly interface to the control system.

The gratings produced on the machine iffer the following advantages
• High mechanical strength of joint
• High load bearing capacity
• Minimum distortion
• High dimentional accuracy
• No pre-notching of bearing bar
• Clean joints