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Portable Integral Spot Welding Guns / Welders

Portable integral Spot Welding Guns / Welders
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Technical Data
Portable Suspension Type Spot Welders are designed for extra ordinary versatility and are available with different styles of welding guns. These air-operated guns are designed for high-speed production to meet the needs of vast number of metal fabrication shops, particularly for the manufacture of automobile bodies and sub-assemblies.

These machines are designed and manufactured conforming to the Indian Standards Specification No. IS 4804 or as per guidelines of JISC-9303 by a team of engineers highly experienced in welding technology.


Standard Ratings:
50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 KVA.

Portable suspension type Spot Welder comprising suspension system, swivel hook, transformer, with mounted pneumatic controls, secondary cable and air operated welding gun, all assembled. Complete with connected hoses for water cooling.


Suspension System (Optional):
Suitable suspension system could be supplied depending on the style selected.

Cooling System:
Transformer, secondary cable, and welding gun water cooled, interconnecting hoses for water cooling within the assembly provided.


Customer to provide cooling water supply of recommended flow rate free from residue forming impurities and at a temperature not exceeding 30 degree centigrade.

Welding Transformer:
Transformer conforms to IS:4804 Part-I and RWMA Standards, water cooled, class 'F' insulation with thermoswitch protection for overloading.

Current Control by Transformer Taps (Optional):

Welding current adjustable from 50 to 100% by means of a tap change links/switch.


Weld Initiation:

By means of an electrical thumb switch provided on the gun handle and connected to low voltage safe initiating circuit.


Pneumatic Controls:
Machine is provided with following pneumatic controls and accessories : Solenoid air valve for controlling the air cylinder, Air filter, lburicator, regulator and pressure gauge.

Electrode Control System:
Electrode movement of air operated guns by actuation of a heavy duty air cylinder mounted on the gun itself.

Compressed Air/Electrode Force:
Air 1.5 kg/cm2 - 7 kg/cm2 (20-100 p.s.i) acting in the air cylinder provides electrode force and electrode force is adjusted through air pressure regulator.


Dual Gun Operation Facility (At optional extra cost):
Provision shall be made for connecting two guns and two cables to the sane transformer, and the same electronic controls suitably set and interlocked to operate the guns at different heat levels and time settings.


Secondary Cables:
Kickless type, low reactance, flexible, water-cooled secondary cables, 2 metres long, complete with water-cooling hose can be supplied with the machine.



Spring Balancer, water flow switch, water flow indicator, trolley, MCB, suspension system etc. can be supplied on request.


Electronic Controls:

Machine will be provided with a set of electronic control units described separately depending upon their application.