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Brazing Machines

Technical Data

Brazing Machines

The equipment is used for brazing copper conductors of various sections during winding. Mounted on wheels for easy portability and lifting hooks are provided for lifting by overhead crane. The set is of robust construction.


Transformer & Fittings:
Machine Type : Mechelonic make Electrobrazing machine incorporates Transformer of 15 KVA capacity. Transformer fitted on the body of sturdy, all welded steel fabrication mounted on wheels, secondary terminals are brought for connection to cable to which the Electrobrazing Tong is connected at the other end. To facilitate movement, the unit will be provided with a handle.

Transformer of a special type conforming to IS:4804 Part I, 1968. Water cooled, having core of high grade electrical steel primary and secondary coils of electrolytic copper of ample section, heavy duty class 'F' insulted and impregnated suitable for with standing continuously a temperature of 140oC.

Current Control By Transformer Taps:
Transformer primary coil provided with taps brought out to tap change switch for adjustment of current.

Brazing Initiation:
Machine is provided with heavy duty electromagnetic contractor operated by foot-switch. The foot switch connections are made to low voltage (110V Safe initiating circuit).

Main Supply:
Main supply cable for connection to single phase 415 volts, 50 cycles source.

Brazing Tong (Optional, At Extra Cost):

Special hand operated tong, suitably milled to carry the carbon electrodes can be provided with machine. Tong will be either water cooled or air cooled depending on sections to be brazed. Various types of tongs such screw type, plier type etc. can be provided depending on job.


Two single core cables to suit tong will be provided with machine. Standard size of cable will be 70 mm2 x 2 mtr. long with water cooling. This size will change depending on job.

Instruction Manuals : Instruction manual containing instructions on installation, operation and maintenance together with general arrangement drawing will be supplied with the machine.

List of spares and accessories attached.

Swivel Stanchion Assy. (Optional):

Stanchion type (Swivel assembly) will be provided to support the brazing tong.

Accessories like spring balancer and trolley can be provided for easy handling of brazing tong at extra cost.

Main Supply:
Main supply cable for connection to single phase 415 volts, 50 cycles source.